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Develop Management Effectiveness

Our management training and development programs result in improved management, communication, and productivity skills. We help with leadership development, personal productivity improvement, leadership style evaluation, hiring and staffing, incentive and performance review programs, team building and empowerment, supervisor development, motivational management, goal setting and implementation, and realizing your vision. Our management training programs increase personal productivity, supervisory training, time management, sales training, problem solving, and leadership coaching. Our leadership and management succession services are designed to improve the success rate of transferring ownership in both family and non-family businesses, with a leadership succession plan, successor leader selection, and conflict resolution.

Design a Value Added Organization

Our organization designs services that help a company establish a plan to move to the desired goals and hire the right people doing the right things. Our programs include organizational development, position descriptions, functional organization plans, personality and talent assessments, conflict resolutions, team building, corporate culture assessment, communication improvement, change and stress management, organizational relationship development, executive recruiting, contract negotiations, and mediation of partner and shareholder disputes.

Implement Change Management

Our programs in change management include business process reengineering, benchmarking programs, open book management, pay for performance programs, incentive compensation systems, Lean enterprise implementation, and continuous business process improvement.

Manage Finances Effectively Improve your company's profit and expense control. eVista Corporation performs financial assessment, management, business plans, budgeting and forecasting, internal controls, cost and margin analysis, product and service pricing, and business valuations. We also offer a financial coaching service to improve financial management, obtain financing, and understand the numbers to improve cost control and profitability.

Develop an Effective Market Program

Our services are designed to help companies understand effective marketing methods that result in more cost effective, results-oriented marketing. Services designed to help companies understand effective marketing methods resulting in more cost effective, results-oriented marketing include marketing strategy, marketing communications, supply and demand analysis, marketing plans, product and brand management, and competitive analysis and alignment.

Manage Sales Development

Sales development and training programs that result in learning powerful sales skills and methods resulting in increased sales productivity and dollars. We can help you with sales development, sales process training, a sales plan, and network development.

Design Value Added Information Systems

We can create more relevant, valuable, and timely information systems to management - resulting in better management decisions. We will evaluate your current information systems, determine your system needs, work on system design and selection, provide help on enterprise business implementation, and web integration with IS.



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